A former droid commander


Dexterity: 3D, Blaster: 8D, Dodge: 8D, Running: 6D Knowledge: 2D Mechanical: 2D, Capital Ship Shields: 3D Perception: 3D, Command: 5D, Investigation: 5D, Search: 5D Strength: 2D Technical: 2D

Equipment: Auto-Balance Legs, Arms, Body Armor [+2D to resist damage], internal comlink, internal blaster rifle [5D damage].


G17 was formerly programmed to operate the shields on a Trade Federation capital ship. It wasn’t very adept, and so was reassigned to ground-based operations. G17 proved to be an able gunner and rose to the level of commander of a group of 20 droids. Most recently, G17 was involved in the coup on Coruscant, fighting off several clones before abandoning its post to join the fleeing senator Ayowyn on board the Pot o’ Gold.


Rise of the Empire Bullinger