Rise of the Empire

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The story so far…

The game opened with Chunk, a Wookie exile, being detained by a squad of clones. He resisted, which escalated into a brawl between him and seven clones. Shamus O’Finnigan, a small-time smuggler who is quick with a blaster, stepped in and shot a clone in the head. The streets erupted in panic as Aiden Shadowston, a 40 year old Jedi with a rough past, also joined the fray, slicing several clones down with his lightsaber. Ayowyn, a senator of the Republic, also received a warning that her life was in danger. Seeing Aiden draw a lightsaber, she asked him for his assistance. Together they finished off the clones that had wounded and stunned both Chunk and Shamus. They took off in a landspeeder to a secure location where they could get their bearings and figure out how to get off the planet safely. After coming to, Shamus revealed that he had a freighter stored in the spaceport. They gathered up their things and took off towards the spaceport. As they entered the streets, it became evident that no mere riot was taking place. Droid and clone armies were clashing in the streets. Ayowyn steered the vehicle through the streets, dodging artillery batteries and other obstacles. She smashed right through a parking garage arm and came upon a fight between G17, a droid commander, fighting off three clones. She ran right over one of the clones, leaving a limp body behind, and G17 finished off the other two. The droid ran to the freighter (The “Pot o’ Gold”) and hitched a ride. Shamus guided the craft low over the ground to stay out of range of the artillery batteries before leaving the atmosphere. The crew was chased by two clone starfighters. Shamus evaded the attacks and the enemy fighters were destroyed by Chunk and G17. Ayowyn charted a course for her homeworld and the party escaped into hyperspace.

Our Adventure Log

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